My path I know not
but I tread along it
in a steady trot
forward bit by bit.

Ever steady steps
take me into unknown
to a place of no maps
which is none but my own

Some steps are harder
bring hurt and dismay.
Of others joy is a part
that makes easy the way.

Often paths cross
or run next to each other.
On departure the loss
may be as of a brother.

But I tread on my path
and others on theirs.
For more than the next breath
we can’t be prepared.

So go further, go on
and keep your head up strong
looking at what the light’s upon
and smile as you tread along.

I wrote this shortly before I finished school. This poem was part of a process of understanding and saying good-bye.

Kurz bevor ich mit der Schule fertig war, habe ich dieses Gedicht geschrieben. Es ist wohl ein Teil des Abschiedsprozesses von diesem Lebensabschnitt.


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