Family Portrait (NaPoWriMo 2)

Looking back, family portraits were
almost clear despite memory’s blur
two big people,  parents, to the side
two small people in between, each smiling wide

Today we’re still all smiling face
but all four at about the same height
standing alone, not melted together
each somehow apart, in their own space

Papa is the head of the family
at least he is on paper
Sometimes he growls, but bark’s not bite
he’s franconian, we all agree

Then Mama, still radiating love and care
she’s the smallest of us now
she takes it with a twinkling laugh
her true power is still there

There’s me, a young woman, I would say
almost ready to go, to fly
yet smiling in knowledge
of being snug in my family’s hug today

And my brother, on the brink of adulthood
only maybe 6 months more
mischievous eyes above first beard-shadow
and open grin – for him, all’s good

Four individuals grouped together for a photo
yet we have been and always will be
not just four, but united as one family
blood cannot be broken, that we know

The prompt for NaPoWriMo was to write a poem that takes on the form of a family portrait. A lot of ideas started playing in my mind pretty much at once, but for now, I chose this one. Since I have come back from my almost-year of travels, I feel that our family structure has changed, as both of us children are maturing, and everyone is more and more living their own life.

Die Anregung bzgl. NaPoWriMo bestand heute darin ein Gedicht zu schreiben, dass die Form eines Familien Portraits annimmt. Dieses hier spiegelt letztendlich für mich das Gefühl wieder, dass sich seit meiner fast-einjährigen Reisezeit doch einiges geändert hat. Wir Kinder sind mehr auf Augenhöhe mit den Eltern und jeder lebt mehr sein eigenes Leben.


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