To my pen (NaPoWriMo 3)

Dear pen,

I just wanted to tell you such:
And inform you quite how much
I enjoy your work in every part
Or should I say your works of art?
Your first demo-version long ago
in my hand let my fandom grow
Your scribblings have saved many days
in lectures, you broke boredom’s haze,
Your words express my feelings perfectly
It’s almost as if you foresee
what I had originally wanted say,
How do you do that, anyway?
You even set me up with my boyfriend,
connected us with every word I penned
I do not know what I would do
in a life without you! I Thank you!
I read every word you write
I trace your letters with delight
and in the papers I follow your lines,
I always find them quite divine
You are an essential part of my days
I hope you continue writing always!
And finally I would like to ask of you
just one small favor, even though
I know you’re busy, please don’t laugh:
Could you give me your autograph?

your biggest fan



The prompt at was to write a fan letter, something I had never done before. I am not a typical fan-girl, and even as a teenager, posters of stars were never part of my wall-decoration. So I first asked my friends, and when none of them could help me, searched on the internet. There were step-for-step instructions – yay! But since I am not really big fan in the original sense of the word, I decided to try something a bit more unconventional…

Die Hilfestellung bei war heute, einen Fan-brief zu schreiben. Aber ich bin kein typisches Fangirl, auch in meiner Teenagerzeit haben keine Poster von Stars meine Wände geziert. Ich hatte also keine Ahnung wie man so was angeht und leider konnten mir auch meine Freunde nicht weiterhelfen. Aber wozu gibt es das Internet… ich habe sogar einen Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung gefunden. Das änderte aber immer noch nichts an der Tatsache, dass ich nicht wirklich Fan von irgendjemand bin, zumindest nicht im diesem Sinne. Also ist eben etwas Anderes dabei heraus gekommen. ;)


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