Aubergine beauty (NaPoWriMo 5)

Spring is really here
when I bury my fingers in Earth
and today is that day
we will yank out the weed pioneers
which tried to make themselves at home
in our vegetable plot
and took over in the front yard
And then I will plant my babies
the eggplants
or aubergines as I prefer to call them
by their beautiful french name
They have been my favorite vegetable
ever since I went to the supermarket
with mom and took one in my arms
Stroking its smooth silkiness
and cradling it like a baby
cooing over its sleek deep purple skin

What girl can resist falling in love
with Black Beauty
exotic Ping Tung Long or
Listada de Gandia, bringing childhood-holidays back?
They make me think of summer travels
leisurely hours under the sun
vivid Rosita takes me dancing and
her quieter sister Rosa Bianca calls me back
inside for a sip of iced lemonade
I Blush as she does over her compliments
touches of pink on snow white skin

I balk at cutting their perfect skin,
but to reveil the taste I must
and on my palate they finally reach
their maximum.


Our prompt at today was to take the names of heirloom plants as inspiration to write a poem. Naturally, since eggplants are my favorite veggie, I chose some of their names to use in my poem. (As found here)

Heute sollten wir die Namen von alten Gemüsesorten als Inspiration für ein Gedicht nehmen. Und was sollte ich da anderes nehmen als Auberginen, mein Lieblingsgemüse…


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