Magic by the Book (NaPoWriMo 10)

One night the Teacherman set to Speak
Words of Stone.
Little Brother, he said
Sit down in The Silver Chair of your thoughts,
mount The Black Stallion of your imagination,
and swim with Isobel and The Whales
into the depths of your mind
We are going on an Incredible Journey,
a Voyage on the Treadings of Dawn
to find the one Great Good Thing,
the Spring Pearl, the last Flower.
The Prophecy will guide you
and by the Hoot of the owl
you will be buried in His Dark Materials
and gone forever through the Gates of Gold
Midnight is a Place, and you will find it.

The Fever will grip you, Little Brother
like it did me
and you will find Magic in yourself
Magic by the book.

The prompt on today suggested that we write book-spine-poems, that is to say, compose a poem using the titles (bold parts above) on the backs of our books (or really, any books). So now, my bedroom floor is a poem, and covered in books, that I took out of their shelves to arrange and rearrange them. For some books, I only used part of the title, or changed the grammar of it a bit, but mostly, I used the exact titles.

Heute war die Tagesherausforderung für den NaPoWriMo ein Buchrückengedicht zu schreiben, d.h. aus Buchtiteln (fett gedrucktes oben) ein Gedicht zu basteln. Also ist mein Fußboden jetzt ein Gedicht und voller Bücher, die ich aus ihren Regalen gezogen habe, um sie umzuschichten und hierhin und dorthin zu schieben. Bei einigen Büchern habe ich nur Teile des Titels verwendet oder die Grammatik… ein wenig verändert, aber meistens sind es die exakten Titel.




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