Two (NaPoWriMo 15)

She breathes out
He breathes in

He strokes her hair
She feels it tickling slightly

She leans into him, seeking closeness
He puts his arms around her

He holds her
She holds him

She caresses his cheek
He beds his head in her hand

He traces her spine
She feels it down to the tips of her toes

She follows the contours of his arms
He closes his fingers around her’s

He looks at their entwined fingers
She looks at their entwined fingers

She closes her eyes and feels
He puts a finger under her chin

He lifts her chin gently
She opens her eyes

She loses herself in his dark blue
He loses himself in her misty green

They kiss in the mirror of their pupils


photo: Jonas Würdinger

photo: Jonas Würdinger’s prompt for the half-way-day was „doubles“ and I chose to incorporate it both into my form and topic for today. During the writing process, both English and German words came to my mind, so for once, I chose to kind of translate the poem, it is available in both languages making it a triple double. Partners in love seem to be the ultimate pair of things, at least in an ideal relationship. I hope to have captured this moment when two become one, when movements mirror and complement each other and magically synchronize…

Das obige Gedicht ist auf eine Weise eine Übersetzung des vorherigen (zu Zweit)


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