Earth Day (NaPoWriMo 22)

Isn’t every day we live
an Earth Day?
We live on Earth
and from Earth
We walk on Earth
and sometimes, we feel its crumb
between our toes
We are rooted
within the Earth’s soil – our home
We depend on Earth,
we owe our life to Earth
yet we so carelessly spread poison
over its surface
Stop and think! Rethink!
Remember your roots!
And care for it…


Today’s prompt at was to write a poem in honor of Earth Day which is today. My last line is attributed to Chief Seattle „And care for it, as we have cared for it“ from a CD titled „A People With One Heart“.

Heute ist „Earth Day“ und das Thema unseres Gedichtes sollte dazu passen. Ich habe versucht neutral oder positiv zu bleiben, aber ich habe davor Zeitung gelesen. Die letzte Zeile verdanke ich der CD „A People With One Heart“ und darauf dem Beitrag „Brother Eagle, Sister Sky“, der an eine Rede von Chief Seattle angelehnt ist.


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