Been there… (NaPoWriMo 29)

I remember a white stretch limo
huge in my young tired excited eyes
taking us through the dark

I remember picknicking in front of an iglu
we built ourselves
food cold too fast, cold feet, cold hands
cool thing!

I remember three riding one scooter
mom pushing hard, my brother on the backseat
and me between moms’s arms, wind in my face

I remember longing to swim out to the platforms
in the deep end of Centennial Beach,
but not daring to take the test

I remember sitting in the grass
by the side of a neighbor’s soccer game
I see every blade so clearly
smell the freshly cut and crushed plants

I remember searching small plastic spheres
in the playground with three first-graders,
Sarah, Sahitya, one name forgotten,
the light blue ones were the rarest

I remember the school smell
of chalk dust in carpet floors
and half soft glue constructs
in the smoothness under my desk

I remember mom’s wet nightgown
clinging to my sunburn all over
after a swim in Lake Michigan
diving to dig under-water holes

I remember hugging the tree in front of the house
promising to come back to hug him again
a promise I was too late to keep – he was cut down

I remember missing,
missing from there and missing there
missing from here and missing here
missing will be a part of me always

I remember grape and apple jolly ranchers,
gifts from an old home
remember the way they were almost soft and terribly sticky
when I finally ate the last one,
after having saved it for years

I remember shivering under so many skies full of stars
– the cold and the grandness
of being young and us three there
in the woods, the plains, the desert

I remember the slightly nervous feeling
before arrival at an old or new friend
rarely knowing what to expect
yet always leaving reassured

I remember endless streets,
900 km straight through the dark
by day comparing the open sky and grass
to the distance from a missing lover

I remember a hot and sticky night
curled up and packed into the backseat
almost crying because my cramped legs hurt

I remember exploring, anew again every city
just walking, finding a map, walking with hurting feet
and finding small wonders
„On this site in 1897 nothing happened“

I remember the sweet smell of asphalt
rising from the streets,
sometimes, I encounter it even here
A memory reborn in reality


Maureen at prompted us to write a poem based on what we remember. I just started writing – I remember a lot of things. At some point, when I stopped, and tried to find a common topic, a lot of the things were from the times I spent in the US, so I chose to write about that.

Heute sollten wir ein Gedicht über Erinnerungen schreiben, welche voller Details. Ich habe einfach losgeschrieben und erst irgendwann fast 2 Seiten später aufgehört und zurückgeblickt, nur um dann viele Momente aus meinen Zeiten in den USA vorzufinden. Also habe ich einiges weggelassen, dann beim Abtippen sind mir noch mehr Sachen in den Sinn gekommen und jetzt steht das da, was da steht.

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