The future is a patchwork blanket
that you start sewing
the day you are born
You think you are making this blanket
for yourself,
but in reality you will wrap
future children in it one day
Looking at it,
you will find blood stains
from the times you were careless,
loose ends and threads
from when you were too tired to work tidily,
perfect stitches, all clean and in order
from when life went just the way it should,
bleached out pieces
you’ve looked back at so often,
colors and big stitches
from when you were confident and happy.
Sometimes you may even stitch a patch
onto history, your own name on a page
And at the very end you will see
that it is not just one blanket
You have worked at a small part
of the Future
Your blanket is one piece
as big and as small as any other
in this big patchwork blanket that is
our Future.


This poem just came into existense without a real reason for it. I decided to write something and just started with whatever came into my mind. I am thinking quite a lot about the uncertainty of future right now, though.

Dieses Gedicht ist wieder mal eins von denen, die einfach aus dem Blauen kommen. Ich wollte etwas schreiben und habe einfach angefangen, ohne groß zu überlegen. Allerdings denke ich zur Zeit wirklich relativ viel über die Ungewissheit der Zukunft … nach.


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