simple knowledge

We are there
We live we breathe we live
We are unique
We are human
We are beautiful
each in our own way
We are.


Sometimes it is helpful to remind yourself of the most simple things, when you get lost in heaps of things to do.

Wenn man das Ziel vor lauter Stress aus den Augen verloren hat, hilft es manchmal, sich an diese einfachsten Dinge zu erinnern.


Here I sit

Here I sit
at this wooden table which has seen many
a traveler who has seen many
who has seen the world
has sat at many tables
wooden and plastic and stone
together and alone
Today there are more of us
we talk and we laugh
We joke and we chat
we remember and we share our memories
around the table
We are a circle at a square
Here we sit.


It was my birthday recently and I’ve been reading in my (traveling) diaries… This is the fruit of a shared effort by Zanna, Catie, Denise, Theri and me, five travelers sitting and talking around a table at our wwoofing place, the Tauhara Centre. I dwelled on the verses we produced almost accidentally, when demonstrating our handwriting and played around a bit.

Vor kurzem hatte ich Geburtstag und ich habe in meinen (Reise-)Tagebüchern gelesen. Das hier ist das Ergebnis einer Zusammenarbeit von Zanna, Catie, Denise, Theri und mir: 5 Reisende um einen Tisch bei unserer Wwoofing-Stelle dem Tauhara Centre. Ich habe mit den Versen, die damals fast aus Versehen entstanden sind herum gespielt…