So they say…

Little girls can’t fly, they say
but I can – you give me wings
you make me soar through open skies
float above the ground
Little girls can’t touch the stars, they say
but I can – you lift me up
until I can feel their warmth
coarsing through my fingertips
along every inch of skin
Little girls can’t breath underwater, they say
but I can – with you I dive
into my my deepest oceans
and your kisses are all the air I need
There’s nothing that’s impossible
for little girls like me
as long as there’s someone beside them
– someone like you.


Sometimes, all you need is someone to believe in you. And then problems become easiser to solve, bridges across the ravine are suddenly visible and you can see the stairs up the mountain.

Manchmal braucht man nur jemanden, der an einen glaubt, damit Probleme lösbar werden.


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