NaPoWriMo 3: Elegy to Joy

I felt most close to you
when we were apart
It was me who left
out of my own accord,
but I wasn’t able to leave you behind
Traveling conversation:
How are you?
What’s your name?
Where are you from?
Why are you traveling?
over and over and over
When I talked to

I announced myself
to be yours
with pride
and our song
shone through my words
it’s always given me

Now I’m back and
the newspapers are full
of elegies on you
A union separating
The union breaking apart
Members leaving
Foundations crumbling
Hate and Fear and Doubts
bury you
bury that idea of freedom
and peace

Just this morning
setting out to write an elegy
I stumbled upon our song again
and emotions overcame me
I cried as if you were dead
yet there was wild hope
springing high inside me
at those singing voices
that magnificent tune
– you’ll rise!
I cry as if you were dead
I pray    I plead    I hope    I beg
don’t die
I sing   –   through tears –
I sing.

I don’t know now why I did it, probably I wanted some music to listen to, while working on a university project and thought classical music better, because of its often incomprehensible lyrics, nothing to distract me here. Anyway, I clicked on this video. And cried and cried… The European Hymn has always moved me, but not like this before. It was almost like mourning, before you accept that someone you love is really gone, but she is not gone. I wrote the last part of the poem right then… I could not bring myself to write an elegy, as Maureen at prompted us to. The rest followed later today, maybe the distance can be felt.

Ich weiß nicht mal mehr warum genau ich eigentlich nach Beethovens 9. gesucht habe, vermutlich wollte ich – Schande über mich ;) – Hintergrundmusik für die Arbeit. Dann bin ich aber auf diesen Link hier gestoßen – so viel zu Hintergrundmusik. Ich habe ja schon oft Gänsehaut von der europäischen Hymne bekommen. Sie hat einfach etwas Erhebendes. Aber diesmal bin ich regelrecht in Tränen ausgebrochen, es hat sich angefühlt als hätte ich etwas sehr wichtiges verloren, aber noch nicht ganz. Dabei hat sich das alles eigentlich doch schon abgestumpft und mittlerweile gibt es sogar schon Demos für Europa! Eine Elegie konnte und wollte ich darüber nicht schreiben, stattdessen…


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