NaPoWriMo 6: Depending on time and situation

On cool mornings in spring
– a mirror reflecting
the sky – a serene sort of beauty
all is as it should be

During long windless weeks
– a mirror so calm it reeks
of death – caked with salt
waiting for movement, stuck to a halt

For voyagers – a path to forgotten lands
they place their vessels into watery hands
Once – believed to finally be hurled
– falling into the void at the end of the world

During dull days and grim nights
– a monster feasting on lights
rearing up, then thrashing down
swallowing souls with a wild frown

Mostly – a nurturer with heart
and soul, she does her part
at feeding plants, quenching thirst
so that we thrive – in life immersed

In summer months of august, july, june
– a companion at play for hot afternoons
splashing and swimming, sprinkled with glee
a relief for hot bodays, a cool color to see

Infinitely – the largest embrace
nothing else big enough in this place
to hug the earth, wrap arms all around
he is the border, the blanket, the bound.


Today’s prompt from was to write about something from several different perspectives. Admittedly, I’ve chosen a very general topic, but I’ve also managed to keep the word for it (almost) out of the poem. Can you guess? I’ll solve the riddle tomorrow.

Heute sollten wir etwas von mehreren verschiedenen Perspektiven beschreiben und als ich heute Morgen über die Brücke über den Fluss geradelt bin, hatte ich meine ersten Verse und die Idee. Eigentlich hab ich es damit schon verraten, wer trotzdem nicht drauf kommt bekommt morgen die Auflösung.


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