NaPoWriMo 7: Lost and Found

I found a kiss
beneath the bench at the bus-stop
It was lying in a corner
with a gumwrapper and some dust particles
– a little gritty and bent, but –
nevertheless – a kiss.
I plucked it out of its‘ hiding place
and gently blew off the dust
before polishing it with my handkerchief
until it sparkled.
Who would leave such a lovely kiss behind?
A boy might have blown it to a lover
and then the wind was in a mischievous mood
and the bus-doors closed
and it had nowhere to go.
Or a girl carried it in her pocket
for weeks
waiting for the right moment
to give it to her crush,
but when she saw him kiss
her best friend
she crumpled
and hurled it away
as far as she could.
Now I tuck it into my breast-pocket.
If anyone has lost it, please call!
I am keeping it carefully,
but if no one calls for a month
I will give to a person I love.

I must admit I had to look up the prompt from today: poems about fortuitousness. What I found was that it means something like „chance“… In the end, I kept more with the examples Maureen provided us and wrote about a found „object“.

Um ehrlich zu sein, wusste ich beim heutigen Schreibanreiz erstmal gar nicht, was fortuitousness bedeutet. Nach meiner Recherche war ich etwas schlauer: Zufall oder Zufälle… Damit war das Thema also Glück und Zufall. Letztendlich habe ich mich dann eher an den Beispielen, die wir bekommen haben, orientiert und über ein Fund-„Objekt“ geschrieben.


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