NaPoWriMo 10: To you

I got to know you
inside out
Your heart-beat
was the first music I heard
Your laughter woke me up
from the ocean-rhythm of
your breathing
From the moment you looked at me
for the first time,
it was love
You watched me grow
tenderly and sometimes strict
but you did not only watch
You eased me up
you were and are
the nurturer
Quietly, modestly
you manage our lives
and in those rare moments of insight
when we – your fledglings –
begin to see
everything you do
you decline too much praise
and are unable
to believe
that you are
the best
You serve
but not only us
You see
the needs and hopes of people
the way others see
flowers at the roadside
You pick them up
and nourish them
with your smiles
your friendliness
your open ears
until they bloom
Yet you still believe
you are small
and unimportant,
but you are
the world!


Today’s prompt at was to write a poem as portrait of a person that’s important to us. I chose the first person in my life: My mom!

Heute war die Anregung ein „Portrait-Gedicht“ zu schreiben, also ein Gedicht, das eine für uns wichtige Person beschreibt, wobei sich das Portrait eben ausdrücklich nicht um Äußerlichkeiten handeln muss/soll. Die Person, die als Erstes und am längsten ein unersetzlicher Teil meines Lebens war, ist meine Mama. Für Dich!


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