NaPoWriMo 13: Night flies by

Starting off into a spring evening almost summery mild night
orange lamp glow makes it seem like an extraterrestrial exiled night

Alone on the street, if it were not for comforting headlights
alone in the dark, I smell the wind, takes and brings my breath in this wild night

We are one, the night and me, eyes open wide, I’m in full flight
smells of mown grass, scraped trees, dug earth in a reconciled night

I’m all alert, eyes and ears open on a look-out for deer that might
jump in my path and catapult me to the stars, but only a cat filed that night

Between trees, winding and curving into the unknown, winding tight
it’s all concentration, peering into the dark, offering myself, a child to night.

Just a touch away, I feel close, what a free ride, what a magical sight
A smile in the dark, it’s my soul – Anni-ma – you beguiled, night!


The farther this month of poetry progresses, the easier it seems to be to find inspiration (she is not being as sassy as usal ;) ). I still had some notes from a nightly drive from yesterday, which I used to write a Ghazal. For a description of that, see Wikipedia or

April befeuert wirklich meine Poesie-Muskeln! Je länger der Monat dauert, desto leichter scheint es mit dem Schreiben zu werden. Heute hatte ich noch einige Notizen von der gestrigen Nachtfahrt, die ich in diesem Ghasel (eine arabische Gedichtform) verwendet habe. Für mehr Hintergrundwissen zur Gedichtform leite ich an die Wikipedia weiter. ;)


3 Gedanken zu “NaPoWriMo 13: Night flies by

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  2. I liked your use of rhyme throughout this piece a lot. =) I hope you don’t mind, I’m including a link to this as one of my daily recommendations on my own post. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Gefällt mir

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