NaPoWriMo 19: Birth of Community

Back when the universe
was just dust-clouds
of particles condensed
onto a pin point of a planet,
each of those particles was
fending for itself
fighting against gravity
to remain utterly alone
and independent,
each utterly alone
but still so close
When the universe started expanding
pushing boundaries into a nonexistent sky
it would have become
an empty void
but for single stars of dust
so small no nonexistent eye
can hope to see
floating infinitely
it would have become
an empty void
had it not been for
a collision
of two particles
and the realization
that two are more than one,
strength comes in numbers, and
loneliness is evitable
Since then gravity pulls us together
from small to big
and we, humans so much larger than dust,
just have to stop fighting
and start working hand in hand.


Today’s optional daily prompt focused on creation and this is my take on it.

Heute ging es um Schöpfungsmythen.


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