NaPoWriMo 20: Together they dance

It’s like a story
told in moves
of choreographic clarity sometimes
and other times in wild vibration
They meet in New York
he goes
she goes there regularly
and reels him in as with a lasso
they lock step on the promenade
she swivels
and in a wild chase they land
in a shadow position
twinkle steps light
the alleyway, but dimly
lady leads, purring sweetheart
he follows, natural top now
But she fans around the man
flicks her wings and leaves
him standing there
with only a turkish towel to keep.

Maureen’s prompt for today was to incorporate sport or game specific vocabulary into our poem. I chose to use dancing (in this case, mostly Chacha) vocabulary.

Heute sollten wir Wörter aus dem Bereich eines Sports oder Spiels in unseren Gedichten verwenden. Meines enthält jetzt viele Figuren aus dem Chacha. Es wäre echt interessant wenn das mal jemand nachtanzt.


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