NaPoWriMo 21: Not It

I’m not It.
Playing tag in a
childhood memory’s school yard
running with that slightly
faster heartbeat of being chased

I’m not It.
Hands outstretched – a barrier
to keep them away
those harsh, mean voices
fists mistaking for a punching ball

I’m not It.
The voice I hear now
singing lasciviously, almost taunting
too young to sound so …
mental image: swinging hips

I’m not It.
Under pressure
dismissing any involvement
whatsoever – any fault
not the next lost employment

I’m not It.
A new generation’s voices
still cheering it out
They are being watched
with (over)protective eyes

I’m not It.
Not the last one to stay
left behind alone
waiting for the silvery glint
of the end.

Today’s prompt at is to write using a phrase or phrases overheard in everyday conversation, media … I seem to be spending too much time with the radio on and it’s always the same few songs playing over and over again. Now I’ve got a song stuck in my head, an „Ohrwurm“ ( = „ear worm“), as we call it in Germany, and that’s where the repetition comes from.

Zur Zeit höre ich für meinen Geschmack etwas zu viel Radio und es laufen immer die gleichen paar Lieder, wieder und wieder. Von einem habe ich jetzt ungewollterweise einen Ohrwurm, daher auch der wiederholte Vers. Die dritte Strophe passt noch am ehesten zum Lied.


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