NaPoWriMo 24: Thread of Scribblings

We all do it, don’t we?
Students do it
Margins full of
small drawings, sketches, hearts,
sometimes just colored squares
or weird towers of objects and people.
Coders do it
Invisible comments of penguins
and cats made of slashes
and dots and greater thans,
lingering below the surface of
webpages and your favorite program.
Chefs do it
Recipe stains become wild
or cute little monsters
and symbols representing the tastiness
of a dish start to grow
more and more complicated.
Gardeners do it
Little twigs become stick men
or earth worm parcours
while some of their sketches
bloom only months later.
Adults in general, they do it
Smiles and frowns on notes and
in calendars; scribblings and complex
circular constructions evolve
during official phone calls.
We all do it!
Sometimes words get lonely and
we need to give them company.
So why should it have been any different
anytime – even if paper and ink were
still precious goods?
Why shouldn’t they have?
Their drawings – so much more elaborate,
but then again: They had so much more time
to write and
their work was intended to last –
still combine the same topics
weirdness, some devils and sexual organs,
occasional ladies and other ideas thrown in.
Ariadne’s thread of Scribblings across the ages.


Today’s prompted topic was to write poems inspired by works of art, more specifically, the marginalia of medieval „books“. Somehow I stayed more on the meta side of things.

Heute war das Thema, von dem wir uns zu Beginn der letzen Woche des NaPoWriMos Inspiration erhofften, Marginalien, also Randnotizen oder Bilder, v.a. in Mittelalterlichen Manuskripten. Auch wenn ich einzelne der Bilder witzig oder besonders interessant fand, hat mich meine Muse doch zum Blick auf das große Ganze gelenkt.


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