NaPoWriMo 26: Why chalk?

Layers of rock
are books to me
classifications of life
they speak of ages past
eonothems and erathems long gone
Ordovician newly-born plants
speak of first landgreens
Silurian fish leave me
jaw-open, as they populate the seas
Permian concludes in a catastrophe
but flies fly first
I could continue lecturing,
but that is not what bothers me
still one layer remains
a mystery to me
It’s mainly what we call
codedmixtemium when
apes must have ruled that planet
scraps of what might have been
first technology show up – held together
by thin metal hair and flat shapes
a puzzle we have yet to solve
But what puzzles me most – personally –
is the chalk
It doesn’t belong there
should be cretaceous
down where huge reptilian bones are buried
first delicate tree leaves reside
and the coccoliths and dinoflagellates
which bloomed in the water
and became chalk
much later
Especially not pressed into these condensed
cylindrical forms
flaking off at touch
– some kind of early cultural object,
decoration or jewelry?
Sometimes a time machine would be useful
for us archaeologists specialised on

Today’s prompt was to write about an object from the present from the point of view of a future scientist. Since I was at university at the time of reading the prompt I chose one of the first things I noticed: a piece of chalk. Thanks to a friend of mine studying environmental geology, who helped me out with some of the geological information!

Heute sollten wir aus der Perspektive eines Wissenschaftlers der Zukunft über ein Objekt aus der Gegenwart schreiben und da ich gerade in der Uni war, als ich auf nach der heutigen Idee geschaut habe, war es eben ein Stück Kreide, das mir ins Auge gefallen ist. Vielen Dank an einen Freund, der mir mit Infos zur Geologie ausgeholfen hat!


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