NaPoWriMo 27: Childhood Tastes

My childhood tasted like
peanut butter and honey
melting on toast and
in my mouth
mingling with cherries
under hot italian sun

My childhood tasted like
salt on daddy’s skin
When he came home
from biking
we would cling to him
and lick it off his arms

My childhood tasted like
poppyseed-cake once a year
marking the beginning of a new one
with sweet paradise cream
and poppy seeds stuck
between teeth

My childhood tasted like
Dentinox on hurting teeth
Camomile sweetness and
that something else
took the hurt away

My childhood tasted like
gatorade and snow
winter slushies tangy
artificial sweetness
collected in plastic cups
then straight under the tap

My childhood tasted like
special Christmas Cookies
were the best before baking,
together with that flavor
of mischief and secrecy


Today we were prompted to write about taste. Actually this morning I had the taste of rain in my mouth (guess what? It’s raining here ;) ) – but then something smelled like one of my childhood tastes and I decided to write about that instead.

Heute war das Thema Geschmack. Darüber hatte ich noch nicht viel geschrieben, normalerweise sind ja visuelle und auditive Eindrücke stärker. Trotzdem gibt es einige Geschmäcker, die für mich mit Erinnerung verbunden sind, mit Kindheit. Darüber habe ich heute geschrieben.


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