NaPoWriMo 30: Wednesdays

Week after week
Wednesday waits for me
with words of love
If we are within reasonable distance:
Spoken, whispered into my ear
smiled at me or
hummed to the melody
of a song we like
Over 10000 km apart
my evening was your morning
and sometimes Wednesday slipped into
Thursday for me, listening to
your voice on the phone
making me blush,
or dance
or simply smile into my soul.
And then Wednesdays are maildays
not as romantic as perfumed paper
in thick parchment envelopes
with dark drops of ink
forming accidental heart-blots –
just letter’s modern cousin – the e-mail,
but it still resurrects that feeling
of anticipation, excitement, quickening my heart-beat
when I see your name in the inbox
then words appear, words to be read and reread
again in times of loneliness and absence
words to warm me inside
week after week
Wednesday is our day!


Today is the final day of NaPoWriMo, this month of poetry is almost over. The last prompt was to write about a recurring event, something that happens over and over. One of my week-structuring events is the arrival or writing of an e-mail on Wednesday.

Ein letztes Gedicht für NaPoWriMo. Heute war unser Thema, über Dinge zu schreiben, die sich wiederholen. Für mich ist das zum Beispiel das mittwöchliche Öffnen und Lesen oder Schreiben einer E-mail, voller Poesie und Gefühlen und Alltag.


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