How to know it’s love

When leaving hurts
and I watch until the car is
a small spot on the horizon
watch until I see the last kiss
blown to me
before he turns the corner and
is gone

When I hear his voice
singing the lyrics to me
having heard him in my head
so many times, filling my senses
listening to our songs in the dark

When I see hearts everywhere
in apple peel, in cookie dough
classically in the clouds
in rocks and in currrents of water
and ice cream blobs on the sidewalk

When I feel a twitching
where my heart is
seeing people holding hands
in the halls
twinge of longing for his

When I can’t let him go
Once… I had to make a decision:
Let go, rip myself free
and drift off into the sky
or stay linked to the ground
He chose to let me fly
If you love something, let it go
If it comes back, it will stay forever
I traveled freely,
but my mind and heart have stayed since then

When he protects me from bad dreams
pure presence alone prevents
nightmares sneaking in
through the open door of the balcony

When I feel warmth rising
through me at the smallest cause
his name in print somewhere
seeing a picture, living a situation
which conjures him up in my mind

And – of course – when he’s there
and filling my senses with his love
smiling, and whispering, and dancing
his eyes hold mine captive
and his arms embrace me strongly,
I feel at home there.

That’s when I know it’s love!
What are your signs?



Can stand for itself I guess. I started it in the dark, when I was feeling elated after a nightly bikeride.

I denke, dieses Gedicht spricht für sich selbst. Angefangen habe ich es in Hochstimmung nach einer nächtlichen Fahrradfahrt.


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