NaPoWriMo 9: Guys guide to girl’s gifts

Hey, listen up!
Big is not all
I want to make
a case for small:

A large bouquet
of fifty roses
means you paid up
and it exposes
you didn’t know
something more special
Maybe she wasn’t
It shows you tried
but to impress –
it’s not a sign
for thoughtfulness.

Instead, a note
a scrap of paper
can reach much higher
than skyscrapers,
if you find words
that show you care
that she is special
and worth that you dare
to bare your heart,
to appear weak.
That’s what means more
than biggish tweaks.


For me, the most important part of a gift is the card accompaning it. Even the shortest card shows me more than the biggest and most expensieve present that I am important to that person, depending on what they wrote. So that fits in with’s optional prompt of letting small and big meet in a poem. On a side note: This advice doens’t only work for guys, but I liked the alliteration in the title, so I kept it. ;)

Heute waren wir eingeladen, Gedichte zu schreiben, in denen sich groß und klein begegnen. Für mich kommt diese Begegnung oft beim Geschenkeauspacken an Geburtstagen oder Weihnachten zum Tragen: Ein Geschenk gewinnt durch eine kurze persönliche, liebe Notiz oder eine Karte an Bedeutung und Wert für mich.

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