(6) This could be a poem

If I hadn’t stayed up late
this would be a poem.
If my bed weren’t so warm
and comfortably cozy,
this would be a poem.
If I hadn’t offered to help
carrying boxes,
this would be a poem.
If I didn’t need home-cooked
food to warm me from the inside,
this would be a poem.
If projects weren’t due,
barely a week from now
this would be a poem.
If it hadn’t been such a warm day
luring me outside, finally,
this would be a poem.
If he hadn’t distracted me, rolling
through my bed, laughing,
this would be a poem.
If the kitchen weren’t full of
new interesting things,
this would be a poem.
If I’d gotten more sleep
the previous days,
this would be a poem.
This could have been a poem,
but life happened in between.

Today’s prompt was to write about what’s possible, focussing on ifs, and woulds and shoulds. At the beginning, I wanted to write something big and beautiful, but it sort of turned into this bit of fun.

Heute ging es darum etwas über das schreiben was möglich wäre oder sein könnte. Eigentlich wollte ich irgendwas Großes schreiben, aber irgendwie war ich gerade in einer etwas albernen Stimmung und dann kam eben das hier dabei heraus.


11 Gedanken zu “(6) This could be a poem

    • That’s what makes me participate in NaPoWriMo over and over. It makes me realize that there are spaces and times for poetry in our daily life, even if at first their don’t seem to be.

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