(14) Conversation with my muse

I asked my muse today
for advice on today’s prompt:
„I have no idea of homonyms
what could I adequately say?
Would a sonnet be appropriate;
maybe should I write an hymn?“
She said: „Right!“
I was flummoxed (always wanted
to use that word somewhere):
the paths her mind
winds down are a black hole to me
„What about? I never did
that form, I don’t know
how it’s done.“ She said:
„Just right“. By now I was
a bit annoyed: „Well great,
you are ever so helpful, now I’m aware
exactly how it goes and how
this whole business is run,
but I still have no idea
how to start this hymn of mine.
Could I start with a rhyme?“
I looked at her and she
smiled mysteriously, shrugged,
and said: „Right.“
I am not used to that much
affirmation from her –
usually she pushes me more,
tweaking my verse to her pleasure –
so I was suspicious, and asked:
„Are you joking, making fun of me
like that? Poking wit and puns
at my confused mind…“
Much too cheerfully, she said:
„Right!“ and then – I must admit
a bit childish of me – I threw
her advice to the winds:
Just wrote this.


Maureen’s prompt today was about using homonyms in our poem. I found this prompt to be really hard and myself not to be in top form, but I’m happy I managed to pen something.

Die heutige Herausforderung war es Homonyme in ein Gedicht einzubauen und generell mit der Schwierigkeit der englischen Sprache zu spielen. Ich bin nicht so ganz zufrieden, aber bei NaPoWriMo geht es ja auch darum, einfach zu schreiben, und das hab ich wohl gemacht.


2 Gedanken zu “(14) Conversation with my muse

    • That was hard prompt for me (there’s only so many questions you could answer right/write to), and I’m not quite happy with it, so thanks for the encouragement! :)


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