Train Station Farewell

Watching a couple at the train station:
He’s on the brink of leaving,
their lips clinging to each other
each kiss refuses to be the last
each heart trying so hard to be brave.
They are not looking forward to the train,
they are looking at each other
happy for each minute of delay.
When it finally arrives
he is not among the first to throng
at the door for a seat,
but he must go.
When their lips and hands cannot connect
anymore, their eyes still do
He’s inside,
she’s outside
and when he finds a window seat
their lips pronounce inaudible words of love:
I’m waiting for you
I’ll hold you in my arms again, my love
Have a safe trip
The engine starts a shy move
They don’t want attention,
but waving she puts her sunglasses on
to hide the welling tears
as she walks next to the leaving train
and waving he turns his head to the window
to see every last glimpse of her.


I was witness to this small scene, already sitting in the train to go home, and it touched me to write about it.

Diese kleine Szene habe ich am Bahnhof mitbekommen, ich saß schon im Zug, hab aus dem Fenster geschaut und den Bahnsteig beobachtet.


A shadow on the wall

There is a shadow on the wall
a monster, giant, or an elf
it could be something very small
a dwarf or fairy sitting on the kitchen shelf

There is a shadow on the wall
a dragon, pegasus or unicorn
a creature lurking in the hall
or a pixie, lonesome and forlorn

There is a shadow on the wall
a phoenix, satyr, talking beast
Did I not hear a magic raven’s call?
It must be a centaur at the least

But then my mother comes and tells me
“Oh don’t make such a fuss of that.
That’s just the shadow of the oak tree
and your shrieking raven was the neighbor’s cat.”


On day 8 of this year’s NaPoWriMo, when the prompt was to write about magical things, I knew I’d written something in that direction before, but I couldn’t find it in the garden. Turns out it (this poem) was written during NaPoWriMo 2014, when I didn’t blog yet. I like this poem though, so I thought I’ll post it now, because I want to keep up the poetry, even though April is now over. Back then the poem came into being out of some scribblings, in which I suddenly saw wings, and then the shadow of my pencil on the paper and then the poem. I had to look into Harry Potter towards the end for some more magical creatures though.

An dieses Gedicht hatte ich mich am 8. April erinnert, als wir Magie in unsere Gedichte einbauen sollten. Ich hatte aber dann recht viel zu tun, und kam erst jetzt dazu, das Gedicht zu suchen. Es stellte sich heraus, dass ich es 2014, auch während dem National Poetry Writing Month geschrieben hatte, aber damals habe ich noch nur für mich geschrieben. Ich mag das Gedicht aber, und weil ich mir vorgenommen habe, obwohl der April jetzt vorbei ist, wieder etwas häufiger Gedichte zu veröffentlichen, kommt es jetzt eben. Damals ist es entstanden, weil ich auf ein Blatt gekritzelt hab, wie so oft einen Kopf, und dann waren plötzlich Flügel dran und ich hab den Schatten des Bleistifts auf dem Papier gesehen, der unten dunkler war und plopp, da war das Gedicht schon fast da. Ich bin bis zur dritten Strophe ohne Hilfsmittel gekommen, dann sind mir keine Fabelwesen mehr eingefallen und ich hab im Harry Potter nachgeschaut…

NaPoWriMo 29: Killings

We all kill, don’t we?

He signs that paper,
calling bombs into fire.

She writes that line of code,
carrying the drone to its target.

He writes that textmessage,
burying remaining hopes
under lame excuses.

She plods on and on
and on – ignoring the beauty
by the roadside until there is none

We kill ourselves, our pleasure,
our innocence, our joy,
our faith in the good of the world
How often have we stood
with the world in a bag
by our side,
waiting for a subway?

It’s hard to bear:
thinking about all those
killings, so much lost, traces
blown away like sand
on a soft spring breeze . . .
Take a step back
Pass them by
possibilities to die
and look instead
for magic
in the narcissi?


Today’s prompt was to write a poem inspired by one of Sylvia Plath from the Plath Poetry Project’s calendar. I chose „Pheasant“ from April 7. I was listening to music while trying to find a poem to speak to me, and one singer sounded like a friend from the US, Sylvia, who also makes music. So I had two „Sylvias“ lined up, and I incorporated the song, „A step you can’t take back“, into the poem, too, into verses 16 – 19.

Heute sollten wir ein Gedicht von Sylvia Plath aus dem Kalender des Plath Poetry Projekts als Inspiration verwenden. Meine Wahl fiel auf „Pheasant“. Während ich noch auf der Suche nach einem Gedicht war, das zu mir spricht, habe ich Musik gehört und eines der Lieder klang, als würde Sylvia, eine Bekannte aus den USA, es singen. Also hatte ich quasi zwei Sylvias auf meiner Seite. Das Lied, das eigentlich Keira Knightley singt ist dann auch ins Gedicht eingewandert, in die Verse 16 bis 19.

NaPoWriMo 27: Why World?

Why is the world female?

Because we are all born from her?

Why is she biblical?

Why is she surrounded by symbols for men?

Why is she almost naked?

Because we have stripped her of nearly everything?

Why is there a cloth wound around her?

Why doesn’t she trip over it?

What is she holding?

Why is it so pointy?

Because she is getting ready to fight back?

Will she tell the truth? – She cannot lie.



The World - Tarotkartendarstellung


Today’s prompt at was to use Tarot Cards as inspiration for poems. Mine reflects directly on the image above. The last line stems from the interpretation given at this website on tarot, which says that it can stand for Truth.

Heute war meine Inspirationsquelle (neben der Idee von Maureen und den Umsetzungen all der anderen, an NaPoWriMo teilnehmenden Dichtern – wenn ihr mehr Gedichte lesen wollt, dann empfehle ich euch wirklich, euch dort durch die Kommentare zu wühlen bzw. den dort gegebenen Links zu folgen, da sind sehr schöne Sachen dabei) die oben gegebene Tarotkarte. Das Gedicht ist aus einer Art Beschreibung/Hinterfragen derselben entstanden.

NaPoWriMo 26: Pollen drift

The streets are splattered in yellow,
like paint – only just dried in the gutters –
and even though the air is still cool
and fresh
and moist from yesterday`s rainfall,
I can feel it like sand
beneath my eyelids, clogging up my nostrils.
Only the toughest of lilac,
heavy and damp – like the sky
hanging over me today – can reach through it
The wind carries it farther than expected,
and accompanies me with rustling leaves,
carrying a few magpies, (Their screeches
are shrill, but their tail feathers shimmer in iridescent blue),
raining pink petals on me and the road.
It now looks like a child painted it
with chalk, flaking off in places, and I arrive
finally, dusted in the colors of spring.


Today’s prompt was to speak to all the five senses when writing, which is what I tried to do in describing my bike ride today. Here, winter seems to have exploded into an almost summery spring, and today was the first day to be a bit cooler.

Heute sollten wir alle fünf Sinne in unserem Gedicht ansprechen und ich habe es versucht indem ich die derzeitige Frühlingsexplosion, die dazu führt, dass wir mit gelben Staub (und Blütenblättern und anderen Blättern) überschwemmt werden, beschreibe.

NaPoWriMo 25: Personal Instructions

For beginners

Don’t leave the car running for too long.
Biking makes subject happy,
so does dancing.
Separate the trash.
Compliments make subject smile, if they are true.

For those willing to venture farther on

Don’t leave alone for too long:
Subject might not eat enough,
become glued to laptop,
and ultimately turn into a workaholic nerd.
Don’t let subject do all the work alone,
even if subject deems this one of:
easier, faster, better, more convenient.
Write, write, write, write, write,
and listen, and sing.
Speak from the depth of your soul,
but be aware:
subject will do the same.
Smell is magical. Music helps,
but don’t talk about it,
let it happen.
Nurture with smiles, hugs, and plenty
of fine food.

Don’t worry about instructions,
follow your heart!

Today Maureen invited us to write a warning label for ourselves . Mine turned out to be more of a set of instructions. Funnily enough, I’ve been asked about instructions for myself in the past, but back then, I put it off, as too difficult. Actually, these should suffice for most situations.

Heute wurden wir dazu eingeladen, einen Warnhinweis für uns selbst zu schreiben. Meiner wurde eher wie die Anleitung, die ich schon längst mal schreiben wollte. Damals dachte ich, es wäre zu kompliziert und habe abgelehnt, aber eigentlich sollte die hier für die meisten Situationen ausreichen.

NaPoWriMo 24: Cut

They were there
growing with me
Those lowest tips
accompanied me on my travels
tangled in the wind
of many lands
crumpled on backseats
got wet from the waters
rain, two oceans, and some lakes.

They were there
loving with me
tickling your face,
hiding mine, allowing
me to peek out from behind
a curtain,
twirling around my finger –
trying to be seductive,
slipping between our lips
in untimely moments

They were there
living with me
moving serenely over the dance floor
pinned up – they were elegance
bobbing on ambitious and lazy mornings at home
in pigtails and bunches – they were convenience
filling up that space between my neck and the pillow
plaited – they were sleep
a halo around my head in the sunshine
open in all directions – they were free

Then they fell,
scissors snipped cold
against my neck
and they fell
tickling my back
as they went
light-headed now
I bounce, I go
and they will grow


Maureen’s prompt for today was to write an elegy with hope in it. This, the result, is not to be taken totally seriously. Yes, I did cut my hair by about 20 – 25 cm, yes I was a little scared how it would turn out, and yes, also a little sad, but most of all, I wanted a change, and it does feel light and summery now.

Eigentlich sollten wir heute eine Elegie schreiben, mit einem hoffnungsvollen Ende. Meine ist nicht ganz so ernsthaft geworden. Also, ja ich habe meine Haare schneiden lassen und zwar um ein ganz schönes Stück und ja, es ist noch ein bisschen ungewohnt und ja, ich bin auch ein bisschen traurig, aber hauptsächlich wollte ich mal wieder Abwechslung und gerade jetzt, wo es so warm wird, tut ein bisschen mehr Luft im Nacken gut.