Zweisamkeit – Gemeinsamzeit

Zweisamkeit – Gemeinsamzeit hätte ich gern
mit dir zu zweit, doch du bist fern
Tage rinnen wie Sand
durch die Hand
allein ist vorbei
bald sind wir dann zwei
und haben gemeinsam alle Zeit der Welt
Zweisamkeit – Gemeinsamzeit, die uns zusammen hält

Dieses Gedicht ist quasi ein Nachtrag, ich hatte am 18. April erzählt, wie ich auf das Thema zum Neologismen-Gedicht gekommen bin. Dieses hier ist zum damaligen Prompt zu „visual poetry“ entstanden.

I mentioned this poem as my inspiration for neologisms a few days back, on April 18th. Back then I found the words by „leafing“ through e-mails… I like the thought of poetry inspiring poetry inspiring poetry and so on.


NaPoWriMo 10: To you

I got to know you
inside out
Your heart-beat
was the first music I heard
Your laughter woke me up
from the ocean-rhythm of
your breathing
From the moment you looked at me
for the first time,
it was love
You watched me grow
tenderly and sometimes strict
but you did not only watch
You eased me up
you were and are
the nurturer
Quietly, modestly
you manage our lives
and in those rare moments of insight
when we – your fledglings –
begin to see
everything you do
you decline too much praise
and are unable
to believe
that you are
the best
You serve
but not only us
You see
the needs and hopes of people
the way others see
flowers at the roadside
You pick them up
and nourish them
with your smiles
your friendliness
your open ears
until they bloom
Yet you still believe
you are small
and unimportant,
but you are
the world!


Today’s prompt at was to write a poem as portrait of a person that’s important to us. I chose the first person in my life: My mom!

Heute war die Anregung ein „Portrait-Gedicht“ zu schreiben, also ein Gedicht, das eine für uns wichtige Person beschreibt, wobei sich das Portrait eben ausdrücklich nicht um Äußerlichkeiten handeln muss/soll. Die Person, die als Erstes und am längsten ein unersetzlicher Teil meines Lebens war, ist meine Mama. Für Dich!

Here I sit

Here I sit
at this wooden table which has seen many
a traveler who has seen many
who has seen the world
has sat at many tables
wooden and plastic and stone
together and alone
Today there are more of us
we talk and we laugh
We joke and we chat
we remember and we share our memories
around the table
We are a circle at a square
Here we sit.


It was my birthday recently and I’ve been reading in my (traveling) diaries… This is the fruit of a shared effort by Zanna, Catie, Denise, Theri and me, five travelers sitting and talking around a table at our wwoofing place, the Tauhara Centre. I dwelled on the verses we produced almost accidentally, when demonstrating our handwriting and played around a bit.

Vor kurzem hatte ich Geburtstag und ich habe in meinen (Reise-)Tagebüchern gelesen. Das hier ist das Ergebnis einer Zusammenarbeit von Zanna, Catie, Denise, Theri und mir: 5 Reisende um einen Tisch bei unserer Wwoofing-Stelle dem Tauhara Centre. Ich habe mit den Versen, die damals fast aus Versehen entstanden sind herum gespielt…

Your fortune (NaPoWriMo 13)

Lifelines hanging in a limbo
Nothing’s sure and nothing’s safe
Seemingly you are free-falling
and no net to catch you soon.

Don’t give up though – meet the challenge
Take the chance to make a choice
Seemingly nothing to catch you,
but your heartline’s strong and safe.


The for today was to write a poem related to fortune cookies and this is my try at it. The lines part is from an image I found in a book at a friend’s house recently. It was about hand-reading. ;)

Die heutige Herausfoderung für den NaPoWriMo war es, über Glückskekse zu schreiben. Das ist mein Versuch zu diesem Thema. Der Teil mit Lebens und Herzlinien ist aus einer Darstellung über Handlesen, die ich neulich bei einem Freund zu Hause gefunden habe.

Family Portrait (NaPoWriMo 2)

Looking back, family portraits were
almost clear despite memory’s blur
two big people,  parents, to the side
two small people in between, each smiling wide

Today we’re still all smiling face
but all four at about the same height
standing alone, not melted together
each somehow apart, in their own space

Papa is the head of the family
at least he is on paper
Sometimes he growls, but bark’s not bite
he’s franconian, we all agree

Then Mama, still radiating love and care
she’s the smallest of us now
she takes it with a twinkling laugh
her true power is still there

There’s me, a young woman, I would say
almost ready to go, to fly
yet smiling in knowledge
of being snug in my family’s hug today

And my brother, on the brink of adulthood
only maybe 6 months more
mischievous eyes above first beard-shadow
and open grin – for him, all’s good

Four individuals grouped together for a photo
yet we have been and always will be
not just four, but united as one family
blood cannot be broken, that we know

The prompt for NaPoWriMo was to write a poem that takes on the form of a family portrait. A lot of ideas started playing in my mind pretty much at once, but for now, I chose this one. Since I have come back from my almost-year of travels, I feel that our family structure has changed, as both of us children are maturing, and everyone is more and more living their own life.

Die Anregung bzgl. NaPoWriMo bestand heute darin ein Gedicht zu schreiben, dass die Form eines Familien Portraits annimmt. Dieses hier spiegelt letztendlich für mich das Gefühl wieder, dass sich seit meiner fast-einjährigen Reisezeit doch einiges geändert hat. Wir Kinder sind mehr auf Augenhöhe mit den Eltern und jeder lebt mehr sein eigenes Leben.